What can Fricklas do? “The tendency is to want to duck and run,” says Monte Engler, partner and chair of the corporate department in the New York office of Phillips Nizer. “But corporate counsel don’t have the luxury of doing that. They are in the middle of it. And the goal of counsel is to try to inject rationality into a situation that is, in essence, irrational.”For his part, Fricklas says, “I really can’t talk about the situation now that we are in the middle of it.”The situation is this: Redstone’s $40 billion media empire that includes Viacom and CBS Corp. is under siege, with Redstone’s daughter on one side claiming his support, and his granddaughter and Viacom’s directors on the other side, claiming that the elderly Redstone has been manipulated as they question his mental health.

Source: In Viacom Fight, GC Is in “Unenviable” Spot | Corporate Counsel