Mr Beggs is said to have cross-examined witnesses to try to show that fans were drunk, and that they bore some or all of the blame for the deaths. He was also criticised for playing a video montage of football hooliganism from other matches, including the Heysel disaster, presumably in order to reinforce his clients’ case that the police had good reason to fear what angry fans might do.The falsity of the suggestion that the fans were to blame for their own deaths was in fact demonstrated as long ago as 1989 by Lord Justice Taylor’s inquiry. One central claim, that they were drunk, was immediately debunked by the finding that the vast majority of blood samples taken from the deceased contained either no or ‘negligible’ amounts of alcohol.

Source: John Beggs QC did nothing wrong – and the Hillsborough families’ vindication is all the stronger because of his approach | Legalvoice